Through this club, we aim to create an engaging environment where scientific thought and logical reasoning is encouraged to tackle both previously solved and unsolved questions regarding the universe and the laws of physics

We focus on gathering enthusiasts and facilitating knowledge sharing across all groups of students and to capture the interest of all the students in the mysteries of the universe. We also promote learning from the experts of the research field and the people in the industry


Upcoming Events

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Navigo Physics

  • A quest into the unknown, where you get to be the "hero" and save everyone with your wit and keen understanding of the universe
  • Solve some almost impossible riddles
  • Compete with peers to the top of the leaderboard










Articles on different topics in Physics and Astronomy written by the community of IIT Delhi, and published by us. From Quantum Entanglement to Gravitational Waves, the blog will take you through a journey across the Universe!

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Current Projects

Satellite Development

Study and demonstrate orientational dynamics and control of a satellite

  • ● Working on a miniature working model of a satellite
  • ● Exploring orientational dynamics with attitude description and kinematics
  • ● Study control mechanisms and different sensors used in satellites


The Physics and Astronomy Club IIT Delhi,
is the successor to the
Astronomy Club of Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi,
which had been established in 2011,
and had been operational under
Technocracy, CAIC, IIT Delhi




Introductory Astrophysics

19th Feb '20

Isn't it a mystery for all of us how the universe works outside Earth? All of us have wondered and many inspired by it since their childhood. Right now, we think it would be a great opportunity for us to organize a talk on "Introductory Astrophysics". It shall be a very interesting event to explore the basics across the length and breadth of a topic less prominent in our institution. And it would also be a great experience added to the observations that we hold regularly.


Richard Feynman

11th Feb '20

Six easy pieces, Surely you're joking, Mr Feynman, The Pleasure of Finding Things Out, does it all sound a bit familiar? Well, then we have something of real interest for your enthusiastic curious souls. This Tuesday, the 11th of February, Physics and Astronomy Club is bringing to all the skeptics, to the ones who have faith in nature's simple truths, our very own inspiration, Mr Richard Feynman. He is considered by many as the most brilliant, influential and eccentric figure. A Nobel prize winning physicist, he's well know for his contributions to quantum physics, particle physics, quantum computing and nano technology. He changed the way basic physical processes are conceptualised and calculated. Feynman showed us the art of using colloquial, no frills language and everyday examples, to explain complex problems. We bring to you one of the greatest minds in the history of physics, be with us this Tuesday for the documentary screening of Mr Richard Feynman.


Relativity in 21st century

23rd Apr '19

How often have you been into conversations about 'Relativity' and 'Spacetime' with your friends? Want to know what's going on in with Relativity in the modern day and age? A talk on experiments and the present happenings in Relativity in recent times. We can promise you a lot of interesting stories and exciting physics to think about for an hour. Do join us! Physics and Astronomy Club invites you to Relativity in the 21st century by Prof. V. Ravishankar on 23/4/2019. Venue:- Lecture Hall Compex, IIT Delhi Time:- 6:30-7:30


Space Missions

29th Sept '19

Planned you post minor trip yet? Perhaps you're on the Rendezvous hype train? Well, we've just brought you another thing for you to get hung up on! This Sunday, we're going to be kicking off a 3-part lecture series covering all aspects of space missions, the planning, execution and future of our conquest to wrap the entire universe within our fingertips. If we have to leave our planet behind shortly, what all would we need to do? What resources do we have available? How would you plan for a space mission? Well, all this and more will be covered as part of the talks. The first of which will be held tomorrow from the SAC Committee room will tell you all about how trajectories are planned, what propulsion systems are used, and how the rocket system works! So, make sure you've cleared out your schedule this Sunday, 29th September from 4 PM, so that you can be a part of this engaging talk!


Science in Space

30th Sept '19

What comes to mind when you hear Moon/Mars human exploration, Deep space engineering or exo-planets? Cool words, right? But apart from being fancy, what do these mars/moon missions and deep space exploration missions hope to learn? Don't have an answer? Not to worry, it's quite common for people to get overwhelmed by the sheer novelty of outer space that they forget to think about why each mission is launched. Each mission is the culminated effort of many people over several years and is optimized to give us the best insights into questions that advance our knowledge of the known universe. There are currently several projects lined up for takeoff all over the world. What do they hope to uncover? What are the next big questions we hope to answer? To unveil these answers and more IIT Delhi and American Centre's iHub cordially invite you all to a talk by Ann Devereaux on the 30th of September at 2 PM. Ann works with NASA's Jet propulsion laboratory and was closely involved with the curiosity rover which launched in 2011 and works on its cousin project, which is on stand by for launch in 2020. So mark the date and listen to one of the leading engineers working to improve our understanding of the known universe.


Quark Science

21st Feb '20

The quantum realm is quite a mystery to the world. The inhabitants of the it, even more so! There's the family of Quarks, Bosons, Leptons and dont even get me started on the specific names of each of 'em! It goes from cool to odd to down right WHAA? real quick! There're even quarks named the "strange" quark and the "charm" quark! (talk about being biased, huh!) Now here's the real exciting part, you know that thing that we find these particles in? empty space? yeah, according to scientists, its not quite so empty! To expand more on this strange microscopic world and the science of empty space, the Physics and Astronomy club are putting on the screening of "Quark Science", the award winning documentary series hosted by renowed theoretical physicist, author and broadcaster Jim Al Khalili, on the 21st of February, Friday 6 PM from LH 308.


Cosmo Conference

10th Feb '19

Join us this Sunday as Physics and Astronomy Club(PAC) presents to you CosmoConference 2019! It's going to be a small and interactive discussion on Cosmology and interesting tidbits about it. So, turn up at SAC CR at 5 pm this Sunday(10th Feb) and be rest assured of an hour of stimulating stuff!